LunaLEC FlexStripLight made easy

In the scientific community, our liquid light concept is known as the Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell (LEC). From a distance and a layman’s perspective, this technology is very similar to the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), as both technologies use a flat planar structure in which the light-emitting organic layer is sandwiched between two conductive electrodes.

MedTech devices and more – Imagine the future possibilities!

The unique form factor of the LEC patches make the devices suitable for integration into devices where it is important that the patch can conform to specific dimensions, and still emit light from the entire surface.

  • MedTech devices for skin diseases and conditions
  • Lighting stickers that you put on items for sale
  • Packaging designed with a glowing text.
  • Billboards that light up with the power from a battery.
  • Signage produced in the ink jet printer in the individual store.

All-organic, no metals required – throw it in your recycling bin!

Given the flexible selection of electrodes, LunaLEC has patented the first all-organic LECs. Dispose of it in your plastic recycling.