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LunaLEC was founded in 2012 in order to develop lighting panels from the LEC-research performed by professors Nathaniel Robinson at Linköping University and Ludvig Edman at Umeå University.

The Board consists of:

Patric Stafshede,
Mr. Stafshede is an internationally experienced business developer, with experience from Fortune 500 companies in the US as well as from several start-ups.
Lena Fridlund Forsgren Mrs. Forsgren is an investment manager with ALMI Invest. Her previous assignments include CTO of both public and private Enterprises, and Swedish Technical Attache analyst in Silicon Valley.
Ludvig Edman Professor Edman is the group leader of the Organic Photonics & Electronics Group at the department of Physics at Umeå University. Edman is a co-founder of the company.


LunaLEC AB is a member of the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, AIPIA.