CEO to speak at IdTechEx in Santa Clara, November 21

November 12, 2019

LunaLEC’s CEO Patric Stafshede will speak about the recent improvements of in-air fabrication of LEC’s in the Printed Electronics track of IdTechEx’s conference in Santa Clara, CA at 3pm on November 21. IdTechEx press release  

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LunaLEC’s FlexPatch wins Golden (First) prize at FlexFuture Global Demo competion in ChangZhou, China

September 29, 2018

    The FlexPatch, where LunaLEC’s thin flexible light-emitter is powered by printed flexible batteries from CZIPEI, was demonstrated at the 9th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics in ChangZhou, ICFPE 2018. The jury awarded the FlexPatch the Golden Award, i.e. first prize in the FlexFuture Global Demo Competition, Sept. 25th. Watch a brief […]

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New efficient LEC configuration – Nature publication

November 14, 2017

LunaLEC and fellow scientists at Umeå University and Linköping University has in Nature Communications published results from a new design for LECs, yielding an EQE of more than 27%, almost 100 Cd/A at 1900 Cd/m2. Read full article

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LunaLEC selected to list of Sweden’s hottest technology start-ups

February 15, 2017

Ny Teknik, a Swedish weekly newspaper focusing on technology, each year issues a list of Sweden’s 33 most promising young technology companies. 4 of the slots on the list goes to winners in regional competitions held in different parts of the country. On Wednesday February 8, LunaLEC won the regional competition held in Umeå, and […]

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LunaLEC further selected to Top 10 Nordic Cleantech Start-ups

April 18, 2016

LunaLEC has been selected as one of the 10 best Nordic Cleantech Startups in 2016! In the fifth edition of Nordic Cleantech Open an international jury of more than 50 representatives from multinational companies found that LunaLEC was one of the ten best among more than one hundred companies reviewed.  The top three and the final winner will be announced at the Cleantech […]

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LunaLEC selected as one of Nordic Top 25 CleanTech Start-Ups

February 15, 2016

Nordic CleanTech Open is an annual event where an international jury selects the 25 top cleantech start-ups from the Nordic Region. The final winners of Nordic Cleantech Open will be announced at the finals at the Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö, May 18th. Read more at:

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LunaLEC’s patent portfolio is growing

October 16, 2015

In March and September LunaLEC received grants of two of its patent applications in Sweden and US respectively. That means that patents have been granted to LunaLEC for all of its three patent application families that entered national phase prior to 2015. Applications still pending in other markets. A fourth patent application family entered national phase in […]

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LunaLEC in collaboration with Nano for Energy gets € 200k funding for graphene electrodes

May 26, 2015

Umea, Sweden, May 26, 2015 LunaLEC has been awarded a grant of € 200 k to lead a project together with the group “Nano for Energy” at Umeå University, led by professor Wågberg, in order to further develop solution based graphene electrodes for LECs. The grant was awarded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, the […]

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LECs on paper substrate is feasible

April 15, 2015

The Organic Photonics and Electronics group at Umeå University has in collaboration with LunaLEC and Åbo Akademi University managed to create a LEC based on a paper substrate. The approach verifies that the LEC can be applied on uneven surfaces and has the potential for low-cost and sustainable manufacturing. The report was first published on-line […]

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Academic review of high-throughput LEC manufacturing options

April 8, 2015

LunaLEC and the Organic Photonics and Electronics group at Umeå University has reviewed the potential of future cost reduction by producing LECs using high throughput methods. The review reveals that the LEC has the potential to become a very low-cost option for producing light-emitting panels. The review was first published in Energy Technology’s special issue […]

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